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Comprehensive Plan Survey

All Hartford Village and Hartford Twp. Residents will be receiving a very important survey from The Hartford Twp. Comprehensive Planning Committee within the next 2 weeks. 

.   A Comprehensive Plan is a legally binding document that allows a Community to protect itself from most types of unwanted Development, and allows Residents to have some control over the future of their Community. It is VERY important that the Committee hears your opinions on the important planning decisions we face. Your input will shape the future here in Hartford. 

.  We've tried to make the survey as short and as easy to fill out as possible. A self-addressed stamped envelope is also provided so that Residents don't have to pay postage. Simply place your completed survey in the provided envelope and put it in your mailbox for your Letter Carrier. Please do not put your return address on the return envelope. Responses to the survey are confidential.

Only one Survey should be returned per household.


Your Comprehensive Planning Committee thanks you in advance for taking the time to help build Hartford's future!

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