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  • Golf Courses
    There are many golf courses within close proximity to Hartford Township, including one, Village View Golf Course, within the township boundaries. The following lists a number of area golf courses: Hillcrest Golf Course 8866 Sportsman Club Road Johnstown, Ohio 43031 740-967-7921 The Links at Echo Springs 5940 Louden Street Johnstown, Ohio 43031 740-587-1890 Clover Valley Golf Club 8654 Johnstown-Alex Road Johnstown, Ohio 43031 740-966-5533 Chapel Hill Golf Course 7516 Johnstown Road Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050 800-393-3499 Table Rock Golf Club 3005 Wilson Road Centerburg, Ohio 43011 800-688-6859 Village View Golf Course 210 S. Main Street Croton, Ohio 43013 740-893-4653 Rattlesnake Ridge Golf Club 650 N. County Road 605 Sunbury, Ohio 43074 740-965-6255 Wyandot Golf Course 3032 Columbus Road Centerburg, Ohio 43011 740-625-5370 St. Albans Golf Course 3833 Northridge Road Alexandria, Ohio 43001 740-924-8885
  • Health Services
    Hartford Township has four hospitals within a 25-mile radius, Licking Memorial Hospital in Newark, Knox Community Hospital in Mt. Vernon, Mount Carmel East in Columbus and Saint Ann’s Hospital in Westerville. These hospitals offer a full range of medical services and outpatient surgical services. Hospital - Distance From Hartford - * Services Available** Knox Community Hospital - 17 miles Maternity Care, ICU & CCU, 24-hour Emergency Outpatient Care Licking Memorial Hospital - 18 miles Birth Center, Cardiology, Emergency Care, Nephrology and Dialysis, Psychiatric Care Mount Carmel East - 20 miles Birth Center, Cancer Institute, Cardiology, Emergency Care, Outpatient Service Saint Ann’s Hospital - 16 miles Birth Care, Sports Medicine, Emergency Care, Cardiology * These distances are approximate from the center of Hartford Township. ** This is not an all-inclusive list of available services.
  • Weather Warning Systems
    Licking County provides the emergency notification system. (click here) The CodeRED system is used to send emergency notifications, from evacuation notices to missing child alerts. Residents and businesses are encouraged to sign up for CodeRED to be sure they receive timely emergency notifications and other important information and instructions when alerts are issued. This is our way of notifying you in an emergency situation. When you enroll in the CodeRED system, alerts are issued to you by your geographical location. Alerts can be sent to your cell phone, land line, by text, and even email. You get to choose! With CodeRED, you get the option of also receiving the CodeRED Weather Warning. These alerts are automatically generated when the National Weather Service issues a warning for your location. This early warning could prove to be life saving. The CodeRED alert system is free for residents. To sign up for CodeRED, click on the button below. It will only take a few minutes to enjoy a service that just may save your life. Please tell all of your friends and family about this invaluable service. If they don’t have computer access, have them contact our office and we will be happy to assist them.
  • New Resident Information
    Electric & high-speed internet: Propane: Phone and DSL internet:
  • Police & Safety
    The Licking County Sheriffs Office and the Hartford Police Department are the current providers of law enforcement in the township. The Hartford Police Department’s headquarters are located at: 2 North High Street in Croton. The Police Department consists of the Police Chief, Lieutenant, Sergeant and five Reserve/Auxiliary Officers. The Police Department practices "community policing" and strives to make the community safe for all residents. To assist in the small community policing, the Police Department does maintain a Bike Patrol and all officers perform foot patrol during their tour of duty. The Sheriff’s Department headquarters are located at: 155 East Main Street in Newark in the Licking County Justice Center. The facility includes the sheriff’s administrative offices as well as the 155 cell county jail. The department responds to the 911 services, and consists of 29 squad cars, at which any given time there are 5 to 9 of these cars on patrol. Current employment is 191 people. This includes: 109 Sworn Personnel 1 Sheriff, 1 Chief Deputy, 5 Captains, 5 Lieutenants, 14 Sergeants 13 Dispatchers (including central control and radio) An additional Auxiliary Force of 20.
  • Youth Activities & Civic Organizations
    A number of other activities and organizations are available for Hartford Township youth. Northridge Youth Athletic offers baseball, football, soccer and basketball for kids in the Northridge area. The Boy Scouts of America, Local Chapter 441 is available to youth ages 7 and up. Girls Scouts is also available to youth ages 7 and up. Young girls may also participate in Brownies at the Hartford Elementary School. Many area youth and adolescents are involved in local chapters of 4-H. These are available to children starting in Kindergarten through age 19. There is a large local chapter of 4-H that is located within Hartford Township. Civic Organizations The Croton Garden Club was organized under the rules of the Licking County Council of Garden Clubs in September of 1958. The club, which is located in region 8 and is number 935, has 19 members who meet on a monthly basis. The club is involved in several projects throughout the year including making bouquets that are put on veterans graves on Memorial Day, keeping the town square cleaned and mulched and getting it ready for Hartford Days, flower arranging, plant sales and evergreen workshops. The club also maintains a display at the Hartford Fair. The Research Club, which was organized in 1915, currently has 18 members. The motto of the club is “Cooperate and assist, not criticize and find fault.” and their objective is to be intellectual and have social culture. Topics to be researched for the coming year are selected by a committee; the members then select one of these topics to report on. Each month two members write papers and give the rest of the club a 10 to 15 minute oral presentation on their chosen topics. Recent topics have included Ohio authors and Ohio counties named after civil war generals.
  • Voting Location
    The local polling location is Croton Church of Christ, 40 South Main Street, Croton Oh, 43013.
  • Parks & Recreation
    Hartford Township residents have excellent access to many active recreational activities, in Hartford Township, such as playgrounds, baseball diamonds and basketball courts. The surrounding area also offers several opportunities: The T.J. Evans Foundation bike path runs from Johnstown to Newark and into Madison Township. It is utilized year round for hiking, jogging, skating and biking. The trail is well maintained and easily accessible to township residents in Alexandria or Johnstown. The Village of Johnstown also maintains a public park and recreation center located off of Oregon Street. The Johnstown Recreation Center offers a variety of activities throughout the year for school age children. In Johnstown, located off of Edwards Road there is a bowling alley, a skating rink and a swimming pool that provide public access to these activities. Access to martial arts, soccer, football and baseball are all available in the Village of Johnstown. For children of school age and higher, the Northridge School District offers athletic activities via it’s Northridge Youth Athletic program, now updated so that all K-6 schools are considered in one sports league in order to have more participation and greater interaction between the school age children within the school district. Lobdell Reserve located in St. Albans Township on Lobdell Road, offers walking and equestrian trails as well is a Frisbee golf course. Dawes Arboretum is easily accessible; the park consists of 1149 acres including nature trails, private fishing, picnic areas, and a nature center. The arboretum offers unique bird habitats, beautiful trees, and well manicured gardens.
  • Churches
    There are a few places of worship located within Hartford Township, however most religious needs can be met with a short drive to New Albany, Johnstown, Granville, or Alexandria: Croton United Methodist Church 75 North High Street Croton, Ohio 43013 740-893-2181 11:00 a.m. Croton Church of Christ 40 South Main Street Croton, Ohio 43013 740-893-3191 10:00 a.m. & 6:30 p.m. New Bethel Christian Union Church 14144 Bethel Road Croton, Ohio 43013 740-893-4491 10:45 a.m. Bennington Chapel United Methodist Church Bennington Chapel & Drury Road ----- 9:00 a.m. Appleton United Methodist Church 10927 Van Fossen Road Johnstown, Ohio 43031 740-967-7442 11:00 a.m. Christian Community Church 10444 Crouse-Willison Road Johnstown, Ohio 43031 740-967-5299 10:00 a.m. Harmony Baptist Church 7951 Harmony Church Road Johnstown, Ohio 43031 740-967-5683 10:30 a.m.
  • Schools & Libraries
    SCHOOL SYSTEM Hartford Township is located in the Northridge Local School District, which has 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school. The school district consists of 120 square miles of land in eleven townships and three counties. These townships are Bennington, Burlington, Hartford, Harrison, Jersey, Liberty, McKean and St. Albans Township in Licking County and Milford and Miller Township in Knox County, and 40 Trenton Township in Delaware County. LIBRARIES The Hartford Library was established in 1973 by Inez McNemar and is located in the former Croton Bank building on the square in the Village of Croton. Hartford Library is non-profit and is not associated with any other library. The library operates through volunteers and donations from the local area, and is directed by a six-person board. The board consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, one paid librarian and volunteers. There are a number of Libraries available for township residents to use that are located within close proximity to Hartford Township. Alexandria Public Library 10 Maple Drive Alexandria, Ohio 43001 740-924-3561 Community Library 44 Burrer Drive Sunbury, Ohio 43074 740-965-3901 Hartford Public Library 11 South Park Street Croton, Ohio 43013 740-893-3602 Homer Public Library 385 South Street Homer, Ohio 43027 740-892-2020 Johnstown Public Library 1 West Coshocton Street Johnstown, Ohio 43031 740-392-2665 Utica-Hervery Memorial Library 15 North Main Street Utica, Ohio 43080 740-892-2400 Westerville Library 126 S. State Street Westerville, Ohio 43081 614-882-7277
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