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Hartford Township Zoning Map.

The Zoning Inspector is responsible for enforcing zoning regulations and issuing new building permits. The Township realizes that Zoning is an important part of protecting property values. Two committees made of community citizens are the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Zoning Board. They advise the Trustees on zoning issues. The Hartford Township Comprehensive Land Use Report, adopted in 2007, addresses the future land use in the township.

  • Culvert Permits: $900 which includes identification and preparation of culvert site, issue a permit, provide 304 or 411 gravel to hold culvert in place and inspect the finished job. An additional $300 for an additional 10 foot. The homeowner will provide the culvert to the following specifications: at least "12 by 30', 16-gauge riveted steel; or double-walled, smooth walled plastic, or at Trustees discretion. If a larger culvert is required, the fee will be enough to cover the actual cost of the materials.

  • Installation of ditch tile: in front of properties shall be with smooth wall perforated tile, with 12 inches of cover, and allow a ditch depth of at least 6 inches. Site will be evaluated for proper fall from road.

  • Zoning permits for a house: $1,100 for 1,500 square foot house plus $.73 per square foot.

  • Garage and addition permits: $250

  • Decks and porches: $100

  • Hard surface driveways: need to be level or below, with edge of road and continue slope of road bed for three feet. Concrete curbs need to be nine (9) feet from road.

  • Finish grade of driveway: shall be at the same slope or below the road, at least 19 feet from center of road. Must be constructed of gravel, pavers or blacktop. Repairs to culvert by Township will be reconstructed to blacktop or gravel.

Please submit all permit requests through our contact page

Zoning Board Application

The Hartford Township Trustees are accepting applications for two vacancies, one on the Township Zoning Board and the other on Zoning Board of Appeals. The Board meets once a year or as needed. An application can be printed from here and submitted through the contact us page or hand delivered to a Township Trustee. All current Board members with expired terms, wishing to retain their current positions as board members must also submit an application for reappointment. All applications must be submitted by January 12, 2023.

Zoning Minutes

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Comprehensive Plan

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Zoning Board

John Terry

Term ends: 2024

Richard Severs

Term ends: 2021

Jessie Van Fossen

Term ends: 2022

Leanne Brewster

Term ends: 2025

Karl Judy

Term ends: 2023

Zoning Board of Appeals

Matt Stanton

Term ends: 2024

Barb Disbennett

Term ends: 2025

Kyle Hamlin

Term ends: 2022

Maureen Hersenger

Term ends: 2023

Jim Clever

Term ends: 2021

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