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Seeking Fiscal Officer Applicants- December 31st deadline

Residents of Hartford Township Licking County Ohio,

Our Fiscal Officer Mike Ullom has decided to retire his elected position as of the end of March 2023, one year early. See attached letter submitted to our Board of Trustees.

Our Hartford Township Board of Trustees will have to appoint a resident of the township to fill the remainder of his term. The Board of Trustees will be accepting resumes from interested township residents until December 31st, 2022. In our January 2023 administrative meeting that will be open to the public, we will appoint the replacement to work as Mike's assistant until the fiscal audit concludes. At the conclusion of the audit the appointee will be officially appointed Fiscal Officer for the remainder of the term ending in March 2024. The new Fiscal officer will have to contact the Licking County Ohio Board of Elections to start the process of getting on the November 2023 ballot and win the election to remain as Fiscal Officer for the next four year term.

All interested applicants must submit their resume through the Contact Us form on the Home page within our website.