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Trustee Special Meeting - January 22nd

NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING The Financial Review Committee of Hartford Township, Licking County, Ohio, will hold a special meeting of that body beginning at 7:00pm on Monday, January, 22, 2024, at the Hartford Township Maintenance Building in Croton, Ohio. The Trustees voted to allow Trustee Debolt to form and appoint a Financial Review Committee for the purposes to; review information on the current financial status of the Hartford Township Fire and EMS Department; to discuss that information as well as the overall financial situation related to the operations and staffing of the Department; and to consider and recommend options for the continued provision of Fire and EMS services within the Township. The Committee will distribute the recommendations to Trustee Debolt. Trustee Debolt will distribute said recommendations to the other Trustees for their own review. The following individuals have been appointed as members of the Financial Review Committee: Tim Debolt; Adam Lanthorn; Kristina Gall; Leanne Bishop; Jen Bilderback; Curt Booher; John Hill; and Ashley Baker.


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